Enhance Your Smile with Bonding

Dissatisfaction with the appearance of your smile can lead to a blow to self-esteem that will impact your overall confidence. If you notice aesthetic concerns in your teeth, your dentist might suggest cosmetic dental treatments like teeth bonding.

This procedure involves applying composite resin to the teeth and sculpting the material according to your smile aesthetic goals. You can then see a number of improvements in the look of your smile which can endure for three to ten years with proper maintenance. Read on to discover three of the many aesthetic advantages you can experience with smile enhancement treatment through teeth bonding.

Enhance Your Smile with Bonding

Brighten Your Tooth Color

Your teeth might form stains or turn yellow over time, disrupting the pearly white smile of your dreams. Professional teeth whitening treatments cannot access and resolve all types of stains. But tooth bonding can use resin to cover the teeth and brighten your smile.

The bonding material will go over these stubborn stains to make your smile appear whiter and more even. Make sure you follow your dentist’s aftercare guidelines so that you do not form stains on your cosmetic dental work. Continue good oral habits to get the most out of this treatment.

Fix Small Chips and Cracks in Your Teeth

Your durable teeth will bite, chew, and tear the foods you eat throughout the day without issue usually. But if you bite on a hard item or at an irregular angle, you might suffer a dental injury. A crack or chip in your tooth might seem minor, but the breakage can worsen quickly without dental intervention.

For severe damage, a dentist will need to employ restorative dental solutions. But a dentist can also use tooth bonding to amend small chips or cracks in a tooth. The resin will cover the damage, enhancing the tooth’s shape and eliminating any irregularities impacting your smile.

Then the resin creates a seal as it hardens so that you do not have to worry about further damage, like tooth decay or oral infections, accruing from the injury. Do not delay treatment for this tooth breakage. Call your dentist about any concerns as soon as you can.

Fill Gaps Between Your Teeth

Do you notice gaps between your teeth that disrupt the alignment of your smile? Not only can gapped teeth affect the way your smile appears. But gaps can trap food in your teeth, putting your oral hygiene and dental health at risk.

Dentists can fill minor gaps in your smile with dental bonding. The resin will fill these spaces, making your smile look fuller and straighter while still appearing natural. Then you can also more easily keep your smile clean and healthy, reducing your risk of cavities and other dental concerns.

More severe malocclusions might need a referral to an orthodontist to straighten your teeth. But this cosmetic dental treatment can help you achieve the aligned smile of your dreams in many cases. Learn more by consulting with your dentist today.