Tooth Extraction Rosedale, MD

Do you have chronic tooth pain? Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods and beverages? We offer simple single tooth extractions for patients with infected or severely damaged teeth in Rosedale, MD. As a general dentistry service, dental extractions help prevent the spread of infection and damage to the adjacent natural teeth.

Tooth extractions are often the last option for patients with severe tooth decay or impaction. Common signs of dental infections include tooth pain and sensitivity, swollen gums, and cavities.

Impacted teeth are teeth that do not have enough room to erupt properly. Symptoms of impaction can include jaw pain, tender or bleeding gums, and pain in the back of the mouth. Removing these problem teeth stops these symptoms and maintains the health of the teeth and gums.

Dental Extraction in Rosedale, Maryland

Types of Dental Extractions

Tooth extractions are categorized as simple or complex. For simple extractions, we will apply a local anesthetic to the treated area. Simple extractions remove teeth that are visible in the mouth. We will gently rock the tooth back and forth to loosen it before removal.

For complex dental extractions, we will use dental sedation and local anesthetic. Complex extractions remove teeth at or below the gum line.

To prevent dry socket, do not brush at the extraction site for several days. Keep the gauze in place, only replacing it when it is soaked through. Follow a soft diet as you heal. We can provide you with a dental implant or implant-secured restoration as needed after you heal.

Why Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are known as “third molars” because they erupt behind the back molars. They are the last adult teeth to emerge and typically come in when patients are in their late teens or twenties. Although not every patient needs their wisdom teeth removed, they can easily become impacted. Dr. Padousis will coordinate the removal of wisdom teeth with a local oral surgeon.

If a patient already has their permanent teeth, there may not be enough room for the wisdom teeth. Because of this, wisdom teeth can grow at odd angles and cause overcrowding. Many patients feel pain behind their back molars when their wisdom teeth do come in. Removing wisdom teeth alleviates this pain and also helps prevent damage to the natural permanent teeth.

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