Dental Bridge Rosedale, MD

If you are missing a tooth or several consecutive teeth, dental bridges may be the right treatment for you. Bridges are a restorative dentistry service that we provide for patients who have lost their permanent teeth. Contact Rosedale Family and Cosmetic Dentistry for dental bridge treatment in Rosedale, MD.

Missing teeth cause problems with the bite and can often make it uncomfortable for patients to eat. Multiple lost teeth can also cause facial sagging due to the lack of support from natural teeth. Restoring missing permanent teeth creates a more even and functional bite and maintains a patient’s face shape.

Dental Bridges in Rosedale, Maryland

Types of Dental Bridges

Traditional dental bridges consist of false teeth held in place by crown-capped adjacent teeth. Although they restore the aesthetics of the smile, they do not fully renew full bite function.

Patients with traditional bridges can find it difficult to bite and chew hard foods. Another drawback of traditional bridges is that they do not support the health of the gums, because they simply lay on top of the gum tissue.

Dental bridges may also be secured in the mouth with dental implants. Implants are titanium screws that we can surgically insert into the jaw bone. Over time, the implants fuse with the jaw bone and provide a stable foundation for a bridge prosthetic.

Treatment with Dental Bridges

Before treatment, we make sure that patients do not have any outstanding dental problems. Then, if needed, we can provide tooth extraction treatment or periodontal therapy. Then, we will take digital x-rays and impressions of the teeth.

These impressions create the bridge prosthetic. For patients receiving dental implants, we will perform surgery, placing the implants in key areas of the mouth. After the dental implants have healed, we secure the custom-made dental bridge.

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