Dentist White Marsh, MD

At Rosedale Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental services and treatments that will address many dental health problems and cosmetic dental concerns. Our office is equipped with state of the art dental technology and that allows us to provide high-quality dental care. The dental team consists of Dr. Evan Padousis, Dr. Shalini Sethi, and Dr. Stavros Papaeracleous. Together, they provide their patients with the dental care they need to enjoy optimal oral health for a lifetime. If you are searching for a dentist in White Marsh, MD, we are currently welcoming new patients.

Dentist White Marsh, MD

We Offer General Dentistry Treatments and Services

As a family dental practice, we will treat every member of your family. Our patients appreciate the fact that every member of their family can be seen during one office visit. There is no need to travel to several offices for routine dental care. At each appointment, you can expect a dental exam, screening for common dental problems such as cavities, dental x-rays as needed, and a thorough teeth cleaning.

Our general dentistry treatments and services will help patients attain and maintain optimal dental health to keep a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Transform Your Smile

In addition to offering preventive dental care, Rosedale Family and Cosmetic Dentistry also offers cosmetic dentistry services. Our team takes a comprehensive approach when evaluating your smile. They will be first looking for any underlying dental problems that may be affecting your cosmetic issues. It is important to address them because they will compromise the cosmetic treatments down the road.

The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance of your smile. Our team is committed to offering high quality cosmetic treatments that provide long lasting, natural results. You will first meet with your cosmetic dentist to discuss your cosmetic concerns, and then he can create a personalized smile makeover which may include the following:

We Provide Restorative Dentistry to Fix Dental Problems

Restorative dentistry focuses on restoring health and function to teeth that are broken, worn down, or missing. These types of treatments are important to maintaining a healthy, functional smile. Complex problems like worn, broken or missing teeth, TMJ disorder, and advanced periodontal disease can impede can prevent you from living a normal, healthy life. Our dental team will focus on fixing your dental problems and ensuring your long term dental health. The restorative dentistry treatments we use includes:

Finding a dentist you like is an important part of achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Evan Padousis, Dr. Shalini Sethi, and Dr. Stavros Papaeracleous are expert dentists who want to give their patients healthy and functioning smiles that are also beautiful. If you are searching for a new dentist in the White Marsh, MD area, we are welcoming new patients. To schedule your first dental appointment, call (410) 376-8548 or request an appointment online.